About Us

We love to make food

We are the owners of Kjarr restaurant: Baldvin Lár Benediktsson, chef, Vigdís My Diem Vo, pastry chef and baker and Lárus Hilmar Sigurðsson, chef. We opened Kjarr Restaurand the 17th of June 2022. We hope you enjoy to come and relax in this old cozy house or you can sit outside on the terrase and watch Systrafoss

Our food is honest and simple. 


We try to buy local food

The charr is grown in this area and we get it from the company just 50 meters away from Kjarr restaurant.

The rhubarb is from Hörgsland, 7 km away from Kjarr restaurant. We go and get it straight from the garden.

The Nature is all around us. In this area the sheeps play a big role in the culture